Terms & Conditions

1st, Deposit 33% of total amount is required at the time of order. The rest of the payment remaining will be due at the event day.
Payment of the complete balance shall be completed for the finalization of the work.
You, the customer, has the responsibility to assume legal costs in the event of default or violation of the contract with: ROBERT MUSIC, INC.
We will arrive in the venue at least on hour in advance in order to ensure the set up.
The playlist must be provided at least 5 days before the date of the event.
Valet parking or other parking charges will be added to the remaining balance and charged accordingly.
Each additional hour after the agreed time will be charged with the rate of $
If the ceremony and reception are held in different areas, even when being in the same place, and an additional audio system was not contracted (verified) in this contract, DJ will not disassemble the audio system previously placed for the reception to use it in the ceremony.
For monogram light use, a clear and uniform surface is required and dancefloor has to be close to DJ booth, ROBERT MUSIC. INC is not responsible if the venue does not meet these conditions.
The DJ and MC must receive some food at some point when the guests finish dinner.
After the order has been placed, if a cancellation should had occurred, the deposit will not be returned, except for any reason related to actual coronavirus emergency situation, in which case, the deposit will be available as a credit for any moment that customer wants to reschedule the event, being free of expiration or any other fees.
This contract is invalid if the deposit reflected in the corresponding field does not
has been paid within the period reflected in the invoice.